5 ideas to enhance your SMS marketing response rates


Wondered why you haven’t been obtaining the expected response rate for the majority SMS you send? there’s a probability you’re presently missing out on some tips that may go an extended manner in transferal you the specified engagement.

Here we measure five easy things to think about before sending your messages on Bulk SMS Route.

5 Tips to Boost Your SMS Response Rates

  1. Upon registering your Bulk SMS Route account, it is important to visualize that you just have your account credited before continuing to send your bulk messages.
  2. If you’re planning to register a Masking sender ID (11-character company name) on your bulk SMS account. You are absolutely right because people like to receive SMS from the company name not sharable non-masking random numbers.
  3. Avoid sending restricted SMS contents which will cause the suspension of your bulk SMS account.
  4. SMS sent to non-DND active numbers can deliver instantly with your sender name. except for DND active numbers, your sender name won’t be displayed on delivery. Hence, we suggest that you just insert either your contact details or company/group/brand name within the body of the SMS messages to make sure your recipients acknowledge that the messages originate from you.
  5. Strive to not embrace words like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram in your SMS content to avoid messages from being undelivered or unfinished. We have a suggestion to counseled exploitation either the uniform resource locator link of your profile in your SMS content instead. you may additionally use uniform resource locator agent like bit.ly for your links before as well as them in your SMS contents

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