Bulk SMS to Promote Your Business

bulksmsroute.com - Promote Your Business with Text Messages

bulksmsroute.com - Promote Your Business with Text Messages

How 90% of all text messages are read within the first three minutes of receiving ? trying it for your business wouldn’t hurt. Studies show that only 17% of recipients consider SMS from companies to be intrusive, so why not take the opportunity?

Before you starting your first text messaging campaign, it’ll help to know some rules of SMS marketing. The team from Bulk SMS Route has collected an info-graphic that outlines all the necessary elements of any marketing text message campaign template, Here we have listed all possible mistakes you should avoid, and also provides best delivery practices that can earn possible higher outcomes from your campaign.

Always start your message with an attention grabber, be it just a catchy phrase, or a power word. Then provide the value. Without it, the reader will delete your message. Finish your text with a call-to-action. And always double-check if you’ve included all the important information for the reader – what to do and when.

To get more specifics, Please check out the info-graphic given below

bulksmsroute.com - Text Messages to Promote Your Business


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